La Poste wanted to promote and present its new project: the Hub, a hub of connected object, oriented service and security of personal data. Their goal was to make their flagship attractive in the middle of the CES. They wanted to be disruptive. In order to do it, DigitasLBi imagined an interactive installation.


Very Real is an innovative installation which brings CES visitors to La Poste's connected services.

This installation was featured with six 4K screens —nearly 6ft high, creating a giant 24k screen and an open window on a reality outside the CES—, connected objects and Ipad arranged in front of the installation interact with events in the videos displayed on the screens.

On this project, we developed the software part in C++ and Objective-C. There was a first software in the main computer, to control the whole installation (iPads, spotlight, connected objects and screens) and also two different iPad apps.

The 24K video display communicates globally with iPads and connected objects, without wifi or ethernet for robustness reasons. To achieve it, we developed a specific library in C++ using frequency communication protocol through an audio wired network.