Client:UGC Distribution



About the project

UGC, known as the second largest cinema operator in Europe, was looking for a way to promote Black Snake, a film by comedian Thomas Ngijol. The scenario tells the story of a French man who returns to his native country, somewhere in Africa, where he accidentally gets superpowers, which he decides to use to fight the local dictator – in his very own loser style.

They gave us carte blanche to create something to suit the quirky tone and the offbeat atmosphere of the film. To fit with the theme, we’ve had the idea to create a game based on the 70s classic beat 'em up game, Street of Rage, which we’ve entirely designed in the famous pixel art style.

The game’s main character is the film’s hero; and for the game to be even funnier and more addictive we’ve added a multi-player mode to it. You can choose amongst two other characters for one of them to fight alongside the hero. They are embodied by the two French rappers who created the original soundtrack of the film: Orelsan and Dosseh. Every character has its own special features: Black Snake is a bit clumsy, Orelsan (who is a big fan of mangas) looks like a Ninja, and Dosseh’s character wears a fur coat to match the rapper’s showy and “bling-bling” style.

The game is also full of Easter eggs, hidden surprises, all the details have been thought and designed carefully.

We’ve worked really hard on this project; it was thrilling to have free rein on it. All the graphic details have been polished up to stick as closely as possible to the film scenery and characters. In the game, you can thus recognise the film’s bad guys (the dictator, his militia, a mercenary sent by France who’s embodied by a super-famous boxer in the film…) – we’ve transposed the full universe of the film to this game!

Last but not least, we’ve not only adapted the game to the web but also to the mobile format; you can play it in portrait position, which makes it the only portrait-version of a Street of Rage game adaptation known to date.