To promote the new Megane, Renault launches #MeganeExperience. The operation, led by Publicis Conseil, is held in collaboration with We Are Social, Lost Mechanics, Hopscotch and OMD. It is based on a simple principle: “live automobiles sensations for real”.


The New TV spot Renault MEGANE show scientists trying to understand the effects of driving on the driver, with a final promise: “Activate your Sensations”. We Are Social has taken up the challenge and offered to Renault to make it “In Real Life”.

In order to do it, we worked hand in hand with We Are Social to set up a data collection system, embedded in cars in order to describe what one feels when driving.

To observe the feelings of drivers, we have set up each car with an innovative system: a camera connected to a computer placed in the trunk, record the face of the driver while an algorithm translates into Real time sensations felt: pleasure, surprise, serenity and thrill. The driver is equipped with a heart rate sensor and the car with a data acquisition box to record engine data.

Then, all this data is sent to Renault's server. Each person who participated can find his driving experience, enhanced with data that qualify his feelings during the workshops. These contents are accessible to all, on a unique platform.