Answering a tech challenge with a custom-built data capture solution to analyse emotions – the kind of experience that is rarely conducted.


For the release of the Renault Mégane IV in 2016, Publicis Conseil launched a campaign, #MeganeExperience, held in collaboration with We Are Social France, Hopscotch and OMD, and we partnered with them on this occasion. The new Renault Mégane IV TV spot showed scientists trying to understand the effects of driving on the driver, with a final promise: “Activate your Sensations”. We Are Social took up the challenge and offered Groupe Renault to go further.
We knew that Groupe Renault is involved in Formula 1 and we’ve used this aspect of their identity to give a unique experience on a race circuit to a panel of Renault Mégane IV drivers, in order to highlight the correlation between mankind and machine.

We’ve equipped each car with an innovative system: a camera connected to a computer placed in the boot in order to record the driver’s reactions as well as to collect data about the car itself. The driver was monitored with a heart rate sensor and the car with a data acquisition box (speed, number of engine revolutions per minute, used vehicle power, pressure on the accelerator and brake pedal).

The technical challenge was to develop and build an “emotion capture” device that would allow us to record a collection of data in real time and to translate it into sensations (happiness, fear, surprise, neutrality) thanks to an algorithm.

We made the results of the experience accessible to all the test drivers on a unique platform.