About the project

2020 is a very peculiar year in every way. The lockdown in France made it difficult for artists to engage their fans without being able to perform. In this context, we partnered up with the music label AllPpoints, an internal label of Believe, to mark the release of Naza’s new album.

Naza is a french rising rap artist. He released his new album on the 13th of November 2020. For this occasion and to help his fans feel close to him without shows, we created a mini-game named “Objectif Gros Bébé”.

We chose to fit the artist’s universe with a coloured and “jovial” design made with a graphic collage approach. The game is vertical and endless, offering players the opportunity to embody Naza and enter a quirky universe the time of a game.

The challenge for us was to show through a specific personality in a small amount of time during the COVID-19 context. The whole experience is meant to be entertaining and joyful, for occasional gamers as well as for more passionate ones.