To promote the new Outlander PHEV, Mitsubishi creates the "Essai Non Stop" (Non Stop Test Drive).

The operation, led by Eventmore, is held in collaboration with Lost Mechanics and Driving Evolution. It is based on the sporty DNA of Mitsubishi.


We teamed up with Eventmore Agency and had an idea to create a challenge that would celebrate the sporty DNA of Mitsubishi and promote its new EV SUV in an innovative way.

During 12 days, Mitch, an Outlander PHEV will visit 12 cities and meet its customers to bring them for a test drive.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, fans can interact with the car to book a test drive, ask more informations about Outlander or the event.

We also set up the car with a data catching device. This allow Mitch to provide fans with real-time location, engine data and real-time photos.