To promote the new PHEV Outlander, Mitsubishi Motors France created the Essai Non Stop Challenge: The PHEV Outlander drove around France and passed by 12 iconic cities in 12 days Non Stop.

The goal? To meet Mitsubishi's community and allow them to test drive the car.


In order to follow the challenge, we teamed up with Viens-Là and created Mitch, an AI with a strong identity, connected to the car.

Mitch is designed to provide the community with information and data about the challenge. By chatting with Mitch, users can book a test drive with a professional driving instructor and meet Mitch for real, in their city.

Meanwhile, other users can view live information about the challenge on Facebook by following Mitch in real-time during the trip. Mitch can also provide them with the latest photos and data.