About the project

We collaborated with AllPoints, the house brand of Believe, to create an event site for the release of the new album by French artists, Djadja & Dinaz. The main purpose is to offer fans a unique experience that allows them to feel close to their favorite artists and redirect them to the pre-order site.

The core of the site is the glass cube made in WebGL also present on the album cover. The site is divided into 6 interactive experiences which correspond to the 6 sides of the cube. Users interact with the sides while trying to solve the puzzles: create phrases, follow the sound, recompose the cube from thousand pieces… The clues are available to guide them through the puzzles.

Each experience unlocks exclusive multimedia content linked to the artists and the album. Access to the content is made through the logic of temporality; the experiences are locked in time. 6 days to discover 6 experiences and 6 surprise contents to thank the fans (making-of of the album, contests, audio samples, etc.). Fans will also have the option to download story format movies to share on Instagram and stickers to enhance their snapshot.