Client:Toma Pegaz


Type:Interactive Website

About the project

Interact with your tattoo shop with Chrome!

We are delighted to announce the release of this interactive website, an immersive experience that will make you dive into cyberpunk pop culture.

When Toma Pegaz, a tattoo artist based in Paris, asked us to create the website for his shop, we decided to build an encounter between you and Chrome. Taking inspiration from science fiction, Chrome represents the personality of the shop. You will be able to interact with him, and he will allow you to make a direct appointment with Toma, but also take a look at his work, immersing you in his universe.

We worked on sound design, a 3D silver head for Chrome and created many animations to produce the perfect atmosphere to make you travel into a cyberpunk’s dystopia.

If you are into pop culture, tattoos or if you wish to live an unusual and interactive experience, pay a visit to our friend Chrome!