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À propos du projet

Discover our immersive soundscapes inspired by your favorite movies and series. Sleep, Relax, Focus or just go with the flow !

Odysound, through its streaming platform, offers a large panel of audio soundscapes created by sound designers working in the cinema industry in authentic audio post-production facilities. Odysound allows you to escape your daily routine through unique experiences. Between Mindfulness and entertainment, a lot of new sound trips are on the way.

How does Odysound work?

• Odysound consistently uploads new contents, and regularly updates its already-existing soundscapes with new sounds.

• Listen to an authentic 360° experience build with tools and technologies directly coming from the cinema industry such as Dolby Atmos and 5.1 surround sound.

• Re-discover your favorite soundscapes with new events each time you listen to them with our semi-generative custom playback system.

• Transform your home and control your mood with a home-cinema system and the Odysound platform.