Soft Sound

Recontextualization of textile and flexible surfaces as an electroacoustic transducer for conversation of an audio signal into sound.

The practice-led research combines the textile medium with sonic art where copper and silver are the key elements working as conductive materials to create possibilities for encountering, enhancing and exploring multisensory experiences.

By creating different shapes of flat copper and silver coils by laser cutting, vinyl cutting then applying them onto different textile surfaces and running and alternating current through it, the team created textile soft speakers. They are connected to an amplifier in order to enhance the signal, as well as the utmost proximity of a permanent magnet in order to force the coil back and forth as described by Faradays law of induction, causing the textile attached to the coil to respond with a rapid back and forth motion that creates sound waves. The speakers properties will vary according to the stiffness of the textile it is applied to, as well as the tightness of the coil itself. A balance between the magnets size, strength and the distance between these is important to achieve the desired effectiveness.