La maison sensible

La maison sensible is an interactive installation that augments the physical space and the relationship between an onlooker and a fragile and subtle environment.


Colin Furze turned a microwave oven into a video game console.

Archive Dreaming

Archive Dreaming is a 6 meters wide circular installation that employs machine learning algorithms to search and sort relations among 1,700,000 documents.

Anti AI AI 

Anti AI AI is a wearable  neural network prototype designed to notify the wearer when a synthetic voice is detected in the environment.

Metalliferous Streams

Designer Eric Bellefeuille mixes ferrofluid and colored ink in his last work 'Metalliferous Streams'.

Fluid Structure

Fluid Structure is a large scale display of realistic realtime fluid dynamics, presented at Google I/O.

Drawing using augmented reality

SketchAR is an application through which the user sees a virtual image on the surface of which they are planning to trace a sketch.

Google Tango new demo

A new demo of Google's Project Tango shows how performing, Google is making computer vision.

A Web-Browser For The Physical World

Using augmented reality techniques, the Reality Editor maps graphical elements directly on top of the tangible interfaces found on physical objects, such as push buttons or knobs.

WorkLink for HoloLens

WorkLink allows users with no prior coding knowledge to create rich, engaging, augmented reality Smart instructions that automatically collect data, provide actionable insights, and can be deployed globally through a simple app.

VR full body step-based locomotion

Developers of The Path of Greatest Resistance have added support for two Vive Trackers on your feet providing more accurate locomotion tracking.

Light Barrier Third Edition

Light Barrier Third Edition is a new installation in this series that exploits the confusion and non-conformities at the boundary between materials and non-materials, reality and illusion, and existence and absence.