Asics heat-sensitive ad

ASICS created a heat-sensitive ad that can help people to find the perfect pair of shoes.

VR Glove simulates touch

Engineers are using soft robotics technology to make light, flexible gloves that allow users to feel tactile feedback in virtual reality environments.

Cardboard HoloKit

Cheaper version of the HoloLens for those who can't afford the expensive developer kits

I am sitting in a machine

I am sitting in a machine; is an algorithmic work that begins with a recording of an artificial human voice reciting a text which is then run through an MP3 encoder over and over again.

Super Mario Hololens

Mixed Reality project by Niusounds lets Hololens users control a retro Mario sprite in your own space.

Sony Toio

Toio is a toy that’s simple enough for kids to use, but also sophisticated enough to create a figurative sandbox where kids can explore the inner-workings of robotics engineering.

Occipital tracking

Augmented Reality tech which can familiarise itself within an environment with just a single camera input

2018 BMW Art Car

Chinese artist cao fei has unveiled her design for the latest BMW art car in beijing.

Gatorade G Active

To launch Gatorade’s new energy drink, Unit 9 made a true-to-life water athlete, animated it in mid air, and caught it on camera.


Behringer shows method of utilizing mixed reality interfaces with Leap Motion and Hololens headset in realtime with their synthesizer.

All work and no play

The app is watching videos coming from different training datasets and generates sentences loosely based on what is happening on the screen.

Transformative Appetite

Programmable material project from MIT able to change its shape whilst being cooked