Sketch-RNN Demos

Google’s AI Experiments can generate a doodle from a small input using neural networks

Google’s VR180

360 degree videos take up massive amounts of data. This usually means that streaming them results in a blurry mess. In order to solve this, Google proposes to divide by 2 the viewing angle.

Globe Trotter

Globe Trotter project acts as an interactive picture viewer for travel albums

Water as camera lens

Photographer Robin de Puy and a team of scientists invented a technique for turning pure water into a camera lens.

Super Mario Bros on Hololens

Project by Abhishek Singh is an AR recreation of the first level of Super Mario Brothers to be played first-person with the Microsoft Hololens headset.


Microscale is a generated music from random Wikipedia articles.


Amsterdam’s Circus Family created 'TRIPH,' an immersive and responsive light installation, to Northside Festival.


P.I.C.S. Tokyo created Exisdance a realtime performance featuring projection mapping onto a moving dancer.

interference [dac]

interference [dac] is an audiovisual installation where sound waves affect light waves while analogue elements alter digital ones

A Ritual that Lasts Forever

Fengyi Franklin Zhu created a robot that dance like the traditional Chinese dragon, with the help of Arduino, algorithms, and robotic arms


FabricKeyboard is an interaction media based on fabric, developed by using both common and smart textile-based materials.

AR Test Drive

Jaguar Land Rover has released a new augmented reality advertisement that allows people to test-drive the Range Rover Velar SUV