Tiltbrush-like 3D painting software created for Playstation VR


ReBlink, is an augmented reality experience that gives visitors the chance to see works from the AGO’s Canadian and European Collections in a whole new way.

Digitalised Edvard Munch’s Brushes

Adobe recreated digital versions of the more than 100-year-old original brushes used by Edvard Munch in order to make them available in Creative Cloud for Photoshop.

ARKit Experiment

Active Theory showcase Augmented Reality experiments based ArKit


Project by Leslie Nooteboom is a lamp that projects artificial natural lighting on walls

Apple Maps with ARKit

Apple revealed a lot of details about its new ARKit platform but it didn’t mention that the latest version of Apple Maps has ARKit support built in.

Augmented Reality on desktop

This prototype uses a projector, a depth sensor, and a computer to project multi-touch displays onto any surface.

Node 5:5

The artwork consists of video projects, kinetic laser beams, and module wavefield syntheses.

VW: Foosball Arcade

UNIT9 teamed up with DDB Paris to develop the first-ever connected football table.

Floating projections

Last project from Joanie Lemercier presents what looks like to be 3D forms in air.

Ruinart - Anamorphosis

Project made by DigitasLBi Labs for Maison Ruinart is a contemporary reinterpretation of the anamorphosis.


VR experiment playing with optical phenomenon known as binocular rivalry.