Tangibles Worlds

Tangibles Worlds explores the effects of tactile experience in VR.

Pulling drinkable water out of dry air

MIT built a water harvester that uses only ambient sunlight to pull liters of water out of the air each day in conditions as low as 20 percent humidity, a level common in arid areas.

Who Wants to Be a Self-Driving Car?

This is a data driven, immersive trust exercise that uses augmented reality and object recognition to help people empathize with self-driving vehicle systems.

AR Parking

Using the AirMeasure app to simplify parallel parking.

Soft Sound

Recontextualization of textile and flexible surfaces as an electroacoustic transducer for conversation of an audio signal into sound.


La Tabla is an open-source interactive system projected on a table


Abhishek Singh hacked a digital camera with a removable Polaroid-inspired display that snaps a GIF and ejects a little cartridge so you can hold a moving photo in your hand.

Exploded Camera

Experiment from Zach Lieberman using ARKit and photography where the shot is deconstructed into pieces and floats in 3D space

Floral Automaton

Floral Automaton is a project that grows flowers digitally.


Developer Andrew Hart demonstrates new usage of ARkit with geolocation guidance.

Skateboarding Visualizations

Developed by Convivial Studios and Pier, this project use sensors on skateboards to grab movement data and create 3D printed sculptures


Dan Monaghan developed an iOS prototype that presents individual frames from the position they were taken using AR

Papier Machine

Papier Machine is a booklet gathering a family of 13 paper-made electronic toys ready to be cut, colored, folded, assembled or torn.